Jennifer Our service began when our poet and founder, Jennifer Styperk, was writing her second book. Using transcripts from interviews with family members, she experienced firsthand the healing effects of transforming people’s life stories into poetry.

Jennifer began defining our unique bespoke poetry process and mission of Poetry Salon during her participation in several artistic collaborations. For one, Translate This, an art project much like the childhood game of telephone, consisted of eighteen artists translating a piece of art received within twenty-four hours. Over the course of eighteen days, eighteen artists challenged themselves to maintain the integrity of the message they received while transforming it into their own medium for the next artist to translate. She debuted her bespoke poetry services, which was met with enthusiasm, during the Washington Boulevard Art Walk in Venice. Along the way she found a group of published poets also dedicated to translating people’s thoughts, feelings, stories and experiences into poetic language. Clients continue to confirm the ways in which our service spreads joy, healing, affirmation, peace, good will, and love. We offer individually crafted poems and poetry art objects for all occasions through a unique interview process that assures quality and confidentiality.