• The process of creating a poem for a loved one with Poetry Salon is easy. Heather and Jennifer are both friendly, accessible and helpful. After I answered the initial questions that Poetry Salon emailed me, Heather, PS’s editor, emailed me a few follow-up questions and stayed in touch throughout the drafting process. Upon receiving the first poem, Heather encouraged me, insisted really, that I be honest and tell her my opinion of the poem, saying “it is most important that you think this poem is perfect because you know best,” which I truly appreciated. You could go back and forth and Poetry Salon will keep writing and asking questions until you are satisfied. But in my case, the first poem sent to me for review was absolutely perfect. I did not want to make any changes or mess with the magic created. My wife cries every time she reads it. Seeing that I chose the Ballard Frame, which hangs in our bedroom, over the past two years, my wife has read the poem at least once a week, cherishing and remembering the precious time of our son's infancy.
    - Bill Lowry, Biologist at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA


    Just before I woke you, G-lo stopped, looked intently at me, grumbled, just like when he plays with his play yard, he started swinging his arms wildly, selected the right toy, word, giggle, smile, singing, he asked me to tell you, on this our first Mami’s Day, “thank you for carrying me around...

  • Jennifer, the poem you wrote for Rachelle and I really moved us through a wave of emotions culminating in tears of joy, laughter, and memories we will never forget. I can not thank you enough for your time and personal dedication to making our wedding a unique and memorable experience.
    - US Marine, Coporal Spencer Wennermark, May 31, 2011

    I love you more

    I may give you broken directions...

  • They say there's a poet in all of us, but if you're like me, he can be a little hard to find. In my case, I wanted to express condolences to a loved one. Poetry Salon expertly and beautifully captured my emotions and presented them in a form I hadn't imagined. I highly, highly recommend their service.
    - Rhett Reese, co-writer and co-creator of Zombieland, Los Angeles
  • I must admit, when I first heard about this service, where poets write poems about people they’ve never even met, I was pretty skeptical! But that was before my daughter, Lizy, commissioned a poem to be written about me. It was extraordinary, the way the poet coaxed descriptions, physical, emotional, and spiritual, from her, and how deftly, sensitively, and almost magically transformed them into a poem. Since receiving it, I have read my poem every day, once upon awakening, the other upon going to bed, and each time I am warmed by it. The poem is not so much about me but about the very best self I could be if I try very hard. And, armed with that poem for inspiration, I will try very hard indeed!
    - Mary Sheldon, novelist, Los Angeles
  • Jennifer has the ability to voice appreciation in a truly loving and authentic way. She does this in all her communication, not only her poetry. It's part of who she is. I couldn't think of anyone better suited to help people express their appreciation and love for the people in their life.
    - Caroline van Kimmenade, creator of The Happy Sensitive, Netherlands
  • I had never used a service like Poetry Salon before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I love poetry and wanted to do something special for a good friend who had gone through a very tough time after having two premature babies. I was very busy myself and didn't have much time to make a creative gift. I wanted something with a strong personal feel so Robin would know how much she was loved from afar. Jennifer at Poetry Salon asked me many thoughtful questions about Robin and our friendship. From there, the process began. What materialized was a beautiful piece of artwork in words. To me, the words will live longer than any gift I could have bought. This service is unique and pays tribute to the power of words. The poem written is a beautiful account of our friendship and flows like one of my favorite songs I sing over and over. My friend had tears in her eyes. Mission complete, thank you Jennifer!
    - Cherie Detwiler, Color Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
  • I would recommend the Poetry Salon poem…It is so personal that it is beyond any greeting card. It is also more effective than a letter or note because the poet can examine the fragments and tease out the familiar to a place of removed recognition. This distance gives perspective that a letter or card cannot…There is something new, something other, in the expression…
    - Anonymous, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Los Angeles
  • ...the perfect gift. It got me through so many days and is now right in front of me on my desk for the next chapter in my life, 'I believe in you, Robin.
    - Robin, Washington, DC
  • I'm very lucky to have come across the unique service Ms. Styperk offers. She delivered me the perfect gift for my girlfriend, a personalized poem. It was perfectly written and structured just the way I wanted with minimum direction on my behalf. I am extremely grateful for her help on my gift and she will be my first choice whenever I need to amaze somebody with a unique gift.
    - Bulut Sakchak, Los Angeles
  • My husband reads his engagement proposal poem to me every year on our anniversary.
    - Natalie Byrd, landscape architect, Pittsburgh
  • The poem is hanging on the wall next to her bed. Need I say more.
    - Jonathan, Orthopedic Surgeon, Greater Los Angeles Area
  • You are so good at giving gifts with such heart.
    - Robin, Career Coach, Washington, DC
  • The best gift.
    - Sue Robinson, Philanthropist, Pittsburgh
  • I believe it’s the best gift one can give. It’s personal which means a lot to the recipient. Love PS will use them again.
    - Anonymous, Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • The perfect gift for our daughter's wedding.
    - David Kramer, VP, Salt Lake City

    Auburn Bonfire

    The warmth depends on the size of the fire...